CC Registration and Close Corporation Information

Naming a Close Corporation (CC)

One of the first requirements to registering a Close Corporation (CC) is to decide on a name for your business.

Deciding and choosing a name can be difficult, try to use the following guidelines and tips when naming a close corporation (CC).
  • Have a number of choices available because your first choice might be declined if it is too similar to an existing CC.
  • Try to explain your business in the name, for example a painting company could be called: Professional Painting Services CC.
  • It is recommended and sometimes compulsory to have up to six proposed names when registering a CC. The names must be listed in order of preference.
  • Take the time to think about the name of your CC as the name will be used often.
Remember that the name you choose for the CC must be displayed on the following with the registration number of the CC.
  • The outside of any place of business
  • All notices, advertisements, or other official publications of the CC
  • Business forms and source forms of the CC
  • Close Corporation’s letterhead and accounting documents.
  • Usually the name and surname of each member is printed below the letterhead, this is not compulsory and can be left out if the members names want to be kept private.
  • The letters CC, in capital letters, must be added to the name of the business. For example: Professional Painting Services CC
  • If Afrikaans the letters BK, in capital letters, needs to be added to the name of the business. For example: Professioneel Verf Diens BK
Naming a Close Corporation is done by deciding on an appropriate name. The name of the CC has to be decided on before you submit the registration documents to the Registrar of Companies.  The reservation is done by completing the prescribed forms and submitting it to the Registrar of Companies.

The Registrar of Close Corporations will inform you whether your proposed name may be used. It is important to remember that when registering a CC is does not give you exclusive rights to the use of that name.

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